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Bunion Surgery

Bunion Surgery in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, and Rice Lake, WI

If you’ve dealt with bunions before, you know that sometimes they can be painful and irritating to struggle with. Bunions are when there is extra bone growth and a protruding bump at the base of the big toe. These can be caused by improper footwear or arch issues. Often your podiatrist will start by applying non-invasive and non-surgical treatments to help you deal with some of the symptoms associated with bunions. If pain persists and your bunions continue to cause problems, your doctor may recommend surgery.

Correcting Your Feet with Bunion Surgery

Bunions sometimes won’t cause a person any pain at all. But there are certain cases where bunions may feel sore because the skin feels like it’s being pulled, and the bunions continuously rub against the sides of shoes. If pain starts to distract from your everyday life and there doesn’t seem to be any relief, your doctor may recommend undergoing bunion surgery.

During bunion surgery, your foot will be numbed, and you’ll be completely comfortable throughout the process. Usually, bunion surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning that you’ll go home that same day. Your podiatrist will shave the extra bone off of your foot and realign your foot to the position it should be in.

Once the surgery is over, you’ll be monitored and then given specific care instructions. You should be sure to follow these instructions closely in order to get the best results and heal as soon as possible. Once your foot is healed, you’ll be able to do all the activities that you love again.

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